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Activity, Vitality, Fitness, Health


Pilates Training

This body training strengthens and shapes your muscles, improves posture, increases flexibility and balance, and brings body and spirit into harmony. The focus is on activating the entire trunk muscle system, which is achieved with slowly flowing movements, conscious breathing, concentration and precision. Pilates is a movement school for the best possible physical posture, a vital spirit and a healthy life.
Our trainers offer you the Pilates method coupled with the latest findings of physiotherapy, attuned to the participants’ level of training and as ideal further body training after your therapy has finished.

Price: approx. 45 min | free of charge for hotel

Power- Pilates Training

This Pilates training differs from the classic Pilates gymnastics above all through its intensity. This makes it suitable for all guests who have previous knowledge and experience of the Pilates method and have mastered the basic exercises.

Price: approx. 45 min € 9,00

Aqua Fit gymnastics

A form of gymnastics which gently takes the strain off the joints, combined with cardiovascular and strength endurance training. A range of aqua fitness equipment ensures variety.
As a new feature we now offer Aqua Nordic Walking. This is Nordic walking in water, with special poles. The water resistance and the buoyancy of the water are used for an optimal overall effect. The effort is hardly felt during the flowing movements, making it especially suitable for people suffering from overweight.

Price: approx. 30 min | free of charge for hotel

Fitness equipment introductory session

In an introductory session with the sports physiotherapist you will learn how to use the various training equipment in our fitness room to achieve the desired results. You will pick up practical tips on doing the exercises correctly, so that you can exercise effectively and above all in the best way to support your health.

Price: approx. 30 min | free of charge for hotel

Information session with guided tour of the spa

In this information session you will find out all the important information about the vitality oasis, health centre and all our programmes. Our spa manager Vladi will be on hand for any questions about health and our therapies.

Progressive muscle relaxation - according to Jacobson

Here you will be taught a simple and recognised relaxation method which you can easily use in your everyday life too. Through the alternating tensing and relaxation of your muscles combined with correct breathing, you can achieve a deep relaxation of your muscles and mind.

Price: approx. 30 min | free of charge for hotel

Back fit / healthy back

In this unit you will not only learn the most important exercises for a healthy back, but also basic understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the spine. In addition you will pick up practical tips from the back school and the latest scientifically tested information on various options for keeping your back healthy.

Price: approx. 30 min | free of charge for hotel

More information about the extensive programme on offer at our Health Centre is available from our qualified therapists.

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