Alpe Adria Trail

Hiking from glacier via the Nock mountains to the sea

Hikers are off on a varied journey of discovery covering approx. 750 kilometres. Through three countries – Austria, Italy and Slovenia – and three cultures. From the foot of the majestic Grossglockner to the azure blue sea. Breathtaking views are included in the region of “Garden of Eden”.

Enjoy a well balanced mix of glorious spectacles of nature, alpine water experiences and a fascinating world of animals and plants. Along lakes, streams and rivers until we reach our destination, the Adriatic.

Our Top-Benefits

43 Stages of eager anticipation

Hiking has many different facets: one of them involves slowing down to exercise at a natural pace. When you do this, you acquire a form of effortless attentiveness which means you can observe nature especially intensively, a way of seeing which will turn out to be well worth it. After all, you are hiking on well marked paths from the foot of the highest mountain in Austria, the 3,798 metre high Grossglockner, to the Adriatic Sea.

In 43 stages, each of them covering a distance of around 17 kilometres, the Trail passes through Carinthia, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Slovenia. A total of approx. 750 km heading in a southerly direction. Accompanied by the Mediterranean climate, which promises you many hours of sunshine and pleasant temperatures, and stunning views of the paradise of the Alps and the Adriatic.

The Alpe-Adria-Trail has been designed mainly with pleasure hikers in mind. The Trail runs through the non-Alpine area and as far as possible there are only slight differences in altitude. The stages are around 20 km long and each take about 6 hours to walk, and by the middle of June 2012 they are consistently signposted. Each stage leads along a defined route which can be walked in both directions. Each stage also offers at least one attractive culinary offering and ends in a place with suitable overnight accommodation options.

There Really is Only One Carinthia