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Body Compress

Treat your body at the Spa and Beauty Hotel Carinthia

Wellness holiday just how you like it. BODY WRAP... BODY CONTOURS...

The proven body treatment to control problem areas and girth reduction for  HER  and  HIM -  detoxifying - lifting and slimming.

With the body compress treatment the processes of fat combustion, fat metabolism and lymph flow are being activated. This leads to a thorough purification, detoxification and de-acidification of your body. Look forward to your results -  you will lose weight or girth exactly where you want to lose it…

Effective and beneficient for:

Ägyptos-wrap - follow Cleopatra’s tracks...

1 body wrap with peeling

Price: approx. 90 min € 125,00

Wrap trilogy

1x body wrap with peeling ca. 90 min
2x body wraps without peeling jeweils ca. 80 min 

Price: approx. 270 min € 325,00

Beauty wrap

  • Enriched with: eucalyptus, rosemary, menthol, horse chestnut, lemon balm

    Highly effective, thermoactive slimming treatment to combat cellulite and reduce measurements.

Price: approx. 60 min € 65,00

Stone oil wrap without peeling

  • Enriched with: eucalyptus, rosemary, menthol, peppermint, stone oil, horse chestnut

    Suitable for haematomas, vein problems, tendency to swellings – The purification
    and detoxification created by this treatment are the strongest of their kind. The active
    ingredient stone oil, which is only found in Tyrol, is known for its neutralising
    and detoxifying effects.

Price: approx. 60 min € 65,00

Firming wrap without peeling

  • Enriched with: ginkgo, ginseng and echinacea

    Reduces minor stomach rolls and firms slack tissue on the inside of the thights and in the knee area. The upper arms can alse be included in the treatment.

Price: approx. 60 min € 65,00

Ice wrap soft/extra cool without peeling

  • Enriched with: eucalyptus, rosemary, menthol, horse chestnut and dandelion

    For the treatment of pronounced vein problems and spider veins. Strongly decongesting, cooling and reducing swelling.

Price: approx. 60 min € 65,00

1 body wrap

Dauer: ca. 60 Minuten

Price: approx. 60 min € 65,00

Wrap trilogy

3 wraps of Wiener Kosmetik - of your choice - for ONE person

Price: approx. 180 min € 180,00

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