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Carinthia – Gourmet Region

A Certification that Ensures A Commitment to Regional Food Products

As a certified partner of Gourmet Region Carinthia (Genuss Region Kärnten), the Hotel Pulverer has applied the highest standards to the quality and origin of the regional products: you can see and taste the difference!

Alpine meats from the Nock Mountains right outside the hotel’s doors, Gailtal Valley pork products, Jauntal Valley salami, Carinthian trout, Lavantal Valley cider… the culinary diversity of Carinthia is vast! At the Hotel Pulverer you have the chance to not just taste the products of Carinthia – you get to experience them.

The chefs at the Hotel Pulverer use only the highest-quality and freshest produce available and, for the most part, only those products that come from Carinthia. In order to minimise long-distance transport and unnecessary storage times, we strive to source as many ingredients locally as possible.

Hotel Pulverer is Committed to the Following Criteria for Food Products:

The Regional Products Featured at Hotel Pulverer:

Your hosts, the Pulverer Family, take it one step further: they also offer products right from their own farm and garden. Only a few hotels in Europe can give guests the chance to enjoy self-raised meats, fish and home-grown vegetables.

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