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Electrical treatment is therapy for symptoms of illness using the effects of special forms of electricity. Through the electrotherapy, the secondary symptoms of a disease or trauma are influenced in such a way that the pain and reduced circulation can be penetrated and a favourable starting situation is created for physiotherapy treatment. A further focus of the therapy is stimulation of the muscles when there is paralysis. Electrotherapy is designed to ease pain, support the blood flow, relax the muscles, boost the metabolism, strengthen the muscles and reduce swelling and bruising.

Price: per treatment € 17,00

Magnetic resonance therapy

This therapy activates the metabolism. The electromagnetic vibration patterns are coordinated with the healthy body’s own vibration patterns. In this way weakened cells are reactivated, oxygen uptake is improved, the speed of the blood flow is increased, nutrients are processed better and waste materials are broken down more thoroughly. Mitochondrial energy production is increased. The regeneration capacity of the existing cells, cell division and the quality of new cells all increase. This is the typical healing process during illness, which can most easily be observed when wounds heal.

Price: approx. 16 min € 15,00 | approx. 24 min € 22,00

Skenar – Diagnosis and therapy

With this diagnosis and therapy, electric impulses are applied to the nervous system via the skin, the vegetative nervous system is regulated and thus the entire organism is affected positively. An especially astonishing feature is the rapid way in which pain relief takes effect.

Our areas of application:

  • Diseases and functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system
  • Diseases of the nervous system
  • Tinnitus
  • Effects of stress such as chronic tension, fatigue and exhaustion

Price: approx. 20 min € 40,00


After this treatment you will feel completely relaxed, beaming with new energy.

Experience colours and light

Find new energy in all your senses. Enjoy the magic of the only recently opened Energy Island at Thermal world Hotel Pulverer with all your senses.
The secret is the combination of established treatment methods which are relaxing, vitalizing and regenerating. Your body is simultaneously affected by colour- and phototherapy, long-wave warmth, precious fragrances and relaxing music.

Colours are light - light is life.

Price: approx. 30 min € 24,00

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