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Alpienne – Wild-Grown, Hand-Made

The natural cosmetic line from Alpienne is based on alpine folk medicine, a long tradition of using plants for their benefits, as well as the exclusive use of high-quality natural products. These alpine plants grow where nature’s beauty is abundant and plants hold special powers. Natural materials are collected by hand and are processed using traditional manual methods.

The Pulverer Family has found a perfect partner in the Alpienne natural cosmetic line. Alpienne fits perfectly together with the Pulverer philosophy which is characterised by sustainability and high quality.

Naturally Beautiful and Relaxed Thanks to Alpienne

Alpienne produces the purest natural products that give you beautiful, healthy and strong skin and hair. These extremely high-quality, all-natural products are made with wild-harvested materials. Plants, herbs and other natural ingredients such as arnica, St John’s wort, propolis, calendula and Swiss Pine grow in their natural habitat which allows them to develop naturally and become incredibly effective.

Alpienne Cosmetic and Beauty Treatments at the Hotel Pulverer

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