Bad Kleinkirchheim

A Place where the Healing Power of Nature is Felt Every Day

Centuries-old buildings, small romantic churches, gurgling springs, and those very special places where you refuel your energy with every breath you take. One of these special locations is the Hotel Pulverer itself, as you can also experience the healing power of the Bad Kleinkirchheim thermal waters up close.

Bad Kleinkirchheim is nestled in the beautiful Nock Mountains. The place has gained notoriety because of its mineral springs and the Speick flower. As early as the Middle Ages, people were already aware of the healing power of Bad Kleinkirchheim mineral water. People flocked to Bad Kleinkirchheim from all directions to experience the power of the water.

Bad Kleinkirchheim – A Place Made for Relaxation

Nature bestowed upon Bad Kleinkirchheim its most precious gift – the Nock Mountains. These mountains offer many ways to experience and discover their beauty. Whether mountain biking or hiking, winter hiking or skiing. Even by just relaxing in the Pulverer thermal spa and viewing the mountains through the large glass window.

Wellness and nature lovers, families with kids, couples of all ages and active holiday goers can all experience the varied nature of the Nock Mountains in a way that suits them best. Whether in winter or summer, freedom from boredom is guaranteed for all who visit Bad Kleinkirchheim.

Hotel Pulverer in Bad Kleinkirchheim – A Holiday Spot for Rejuvenation

The Hotel Pulverer is one of the few hotels through which this powerful healing water flows. Our hotel boasts its own thermal spa and it’s here that you can experience the healing power of the Bad Kleinkirchheim thermal spring water every day. The hotel’s thermal baths circulate over 250,000 litres of fresh thermal water throughout the day.