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Hiking Around the Three Lakes of Turrach

The Three-Lakes-Hike

Through a Swiss pine forest, past Green Lake, up and over rolling hills, always being led by the fresh mountain air and the surrounding picturesque landscape. The hike around the three lakes of Turrach is a special treat both in summer and winter.

The Three-Lakes-Hike is certainly among Siegrun Pulverer’s favourite hiking routes, one that she often does herself. A mere 20 minutes by car from the Hotel Pulverer, the start of this route starts at 1,800m above sea level, tucked within a Swiss Pine and larch forest.

Giant Mountain Crystals, Alpine Bogs and Swiss Pine Magic

Starting on the east bank of Lake Turrach, the hike goes past giant mountain crystals that have been laid in the open for all to see. Inside the Swiss Pine forest, the trail continues to Green Lake, which is appropriately named. An auditory island, on which you can hear the sounds of nature, and a platform on the lake make it easy for you to enjoy the surroundings with all of your senses. After the Karl chalet on the trail to Black Lake, you will finally reach the treeline.

At the base of the Schober Riegel peak, you will have an amazing view of the Nock Mountains. There is a particularly picturesque view of the Eisenhut alpine chalet from the Black Lake. The return route takes you through an alpine bog and back through the Swiss Pine forest to Lake Turrach.

MAGIC MOMENTS in the Nature Active Park Carinthia:

Guided dawn hike

on the Falkert with alpine dairy breakfast.
in total: 4 hours

Price: July and August | Adt € 29 / chld (7 to 14) € 24

Hike in the scented garden of valerian

The Nockberge Mountains are the only place in the world where alpine valerian is a native plant.
in total: 6 hours

with Kärnten Card you would pay less - costs of Kärnten Card as follows: Adt € 35 / Chld. (7 to 14) € 24

Price: July to October | without Kärnten Card Adt. € 50 / Chld. (7 to 14) € 24

Find out even more hiking tips during your holiday at the 5-star Hotel Pulverer in Carinthia.

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