Daytrip Destinations

Day Trip to Bled

Just an hour’s drive from the Hotel Pulverer is the picturesque city of Bled. Our tip: Take the Wurzen Pass. This route is a few kilometres longer but you’ll be treated to beautiful views and a unique natural spectacle.

Deep green pine forests line the street. Green mountain pastures dot the mountainsides of the Julian Alps. Rivers carve their path through deep valleys. Drive past mountain farms and alpine chalets until you reach your destination: Bled.

The Bled Castle majestically sits 139m above Lake Bled. The lake, castle and pilgrimage church on Bled Island dedicated to the Assumption of Mary are truly sights worth seeing. Bled Island, Slovenia’s only island, can only be reached by small wooden boat.

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Gurk: A Small City with World-Famous Architecture

Gurk, a small Austrian city with a population of 1,300 people, is located in the centre of Carinthia’s Gurk Valley about 50km from the Hotel Pulverer. This city is known for its big architectural masterpiece – the Gurk Cathedral.

The name Gurk comes from the river with the same name. Gurk actually means "bubbling". The most famous former resident of Gurk is Hemma von Gurk. She founded the Gurk Abbey in 1043. Canonised by the church, she is the patron saint of Carinthia.

On 25 June, 1988, Pope John Paul II visited the Gurk Cathedral and prayed at the tomb of Saint Hemma

Gmünd:Carinthia’s Little City of Artists

This small city near the Hotel Pulverer has art and culture in its blood: Old, abandoned buildings have been turned into galleries, museums, workshops and studios. Take a look at an international or local artist’s open workshop or studio. Gmünd is just 30km from the Hotel Pulverer.

Awarded the European Destinations of Excellence tourism award in 2011, Gmünd boasts a great location as well as an excellent variety of Austrian culture. There are plenty of exhibitions, museums, sculpture gardens, artist's studios and galleries to visit. Treat yourself to an exciting adventure in this city of artists!

Gmünd is worth a visit in every season. But summer is truly a special time. Artists from across the entire world gather in this small city in Carinthia to present their work and exchange ideas with other artists.

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Ljubljana: The Undiscovered Jewel of Europe

Just 126km separate Ljubljana and the Hotel Pulverer in Carinthia. A day trip to the Slovenian capital is certainly worth the journey. Ljubljana is a true insider’s tip: the city was influenced by different eras and its museums house many archaeological treasures – there is plenty to discover!

Because of its beautiful architecture, Ljubljana is often compared to Prague. But the Slovenian capital has its own special flair and its own symbol - the dragon, which lives on the Dragon Bridge. The city’s most prominent feature is its castle and its watchtower offers the most beautiful views of Ljubljana.

Begin your day trip to Ljubljana with a boat trip on the Ljubljanica. Watch the old town and its picturesque buildings slowly pass by...

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Trieste: Stop by Cafes Frequented by Franz Kafka and Rainer Maria Rilke

Just 210km separate the Hotel Pulverer from the Italian harbour town Trieste. This city is home to many interesting sights. In addition to the Piazza dell'Unita d'Italia and its magnificent architecture, the Miramare Castle and cafes in the old town are among Trieste’s highlights.

Stroll through the old town and look for the Caffè degli Specchi. Here you can sip a coffee and spend some time people watching or enjoying Trieste’s unique flair – just like writers Franz Kafka and Rainer Maria Rilke once did. Both famous writers often came to this cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee and the view of the sea.

The Miramare Castle is located just 5km from Trieste. Built by Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian between 1856 and 1860, this castle and its 22-hectare parks are definitely worth seeing.

From the Hotel Pulverer in Carinthia, you can reach Trieste in about two-and-a-half hours by car. Take advantage of our 5-star hotel's great location for exciting day trips in the Alpe Adria region

Day Trip to Venice

Carinthia has a hint of southern Europe in the air – no wonder, since Italy is incredibly close. In just about 3 hours, you can drive from the Hotel Pulverer to this romantic city of canals.

Your holiday at the Hotel Pulverer in Carinthia is the perfect opportunity to visit Venice as well! Once you’ve arrived, just go with the flow – there are plenty of gondolas waiting for you in the canals. Or discover this city and its canals on foot and get lost on the narrow streets and lovely bridges.

If you’d like to see Venice from above, head to St Mark’s Square in the morning and climb the bell tower which rises 60m above Venice. Indulge in a cappuccino and Italian pastry in the afternoon and simply enjoy this one-of-a-kind city.

After collecting memories and perhaps a few souvenirs, you’ll be ready to head back "home" to the Hotel Pulverer in Carinthia. Your hosts will be waiting with a delicious dinner in the hotel restaurant!