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Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking in Bad Kleinkirchheim in Carinthia

Nordic Walking - the trendy sport from Europe’s north - is an all-time favourite these days. And Bad Kleinkirchheim is no exception when it comes to Nordic walking - you will find the ideal conditions for this wellness-sport here.

What is Nordic walking?

A small Nordic walking introduction from the Thermal hotel Pulverer:

When Nordic walking your body maintains an aerobic level (which means that you should be able to have a conversation when Nordic walking) and the body’s fat deposits are used as energy source. At the same time new muscles are built and the RMB (resting metabolic rate) is increased.

The handle of your Nordic walking stick is gripped tight and released according to your walking rhythm. This gripping and releasing of arm and shoulder muscles activates your muscle pump in the arm and shoulder areas. During a Nordic walking unit, many thousands of muscle contractions take place, which are important for blood circulation and good oxygen levels are established. Any tension in the neck and shoulder area is therefore moderated.

The knees stay slightly bent and the foot rolls while the movement of the ball of your foot leaving the ground benefits your calf muscles. The flexing and releasing of your calf muscles regulates your blood pressure and is the best exercise for the veins and arteries in your legs.

Nordic walking is probably one of the most enjoyable outdoor exercises during summer in Bad Kleinkirchheim. Send a no-obligation request for the Pulverer Nordic walking package deal.

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