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Physio Check


Physio check plus initial treatment

After a comprehensive initial discussion and an integrated anamnesis by our experienced physiotherapist, an individual treatment plan is prepared and discussed with the guest, followed by the initial treatment.

Price: approx. 50 min € 65,00

Physio check or sports physio check with treatment plan

Following an integrated anamnesis by our experienced physiotherapist, an individual treatment plan is prepared and discussed with you. Goals are set. Depending on the length of your stay and the focus of the treatment, this will be in the area of either physiotherapy or sports physiotherapy.

Price: approx. 25 min € 38,00

Therapeutic gymnastics (individual)

Our experienced therapists work both actively and passively with concepts from exercise therapy and manual techniques to correct painful and damaged motion sequences. An important objective is to provide help with self-help and activate our guests’ own initiative. Help here comes from an individually designed home programme with gymnastic exercises and tips on sporting activities.

Price: approx. 25 min € 38,00

Underwater gymnastics

Through the buoyancy of the water, guests are offered an exercise option which provides relief and is painless. The beneficial warmth of the water makes the movements feel pleasant. Depending on the intensity of the movements, either muscle relaxation or strengthening can be achieved. A further effect is training of the cardiovascular system.

Price: approx. 25 min € 38,00

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