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The Power of Water

Invigorating and Healthy Mineral Spring Water at the Hotel Pulverer

Thermal spring water bubbles up from the Nock Mountains. This powerful natural element, energy-filled and rich, surges through granite, gneiss and porphyry to the earth’s surface. Every second, three litres of this valuable water flow into the pools in the Hotel Pulverer.

Everything flows and lives in constant change. Even the carefully chosen personal care products used during our soothing massages and spa treatments are natural, pure and based on the power of Bad Kleinkirchheim’s mineral spring water.


Has a detoxifying and skin-caring effect – for a really good feeling.

Price: approx. 20 min € 32.00


Is pleasantly relaxing and soothing for mental strain.

Price: approx. 20 min € 32.00

Nockalm Aroma Hay Bath

The hay from our Nockalm pasture has a detoxifying effect, stimulates the circulation and, depending on the aroma essence added, has a stimulating or relaxing effect.

Price: approx. 20 min € 32.00

Dead Sea Salt Aroma Bath

The combination aof natural salt from the Dead Sea and bath additives such as lavender, rose, green apple and jasmine has a soothing and detoxifying effect on the whole body.

Price: approx. 20 min € 32.00

Swiss Stone Pine-Honey Bath

A wonderful, fragrant relaxation bath for body and mind.

Price: approx. 20 min € 32.00

Beauty Whey-Honey Bath

The combination of whey and honey is beneficial and caring for dry and sensitive skin; a bath of a special kind.

Price: approx. 20 min € 32.00

Your perfect holiday at the 5-star Hotel Pulverer is just a click away!

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