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Soft-pack bed

A feeling of zero gravity at the Best Health Hotel Pulverer

Float away from everyday life – at the health resort Bad Kleinkirchheim in Austria.

Completely relaxed you will enjoy zero gravity in the water bed. Through a constant temperature and a body wrap of a special foil the soft-pack-system benefits the intake of healthy agents via the skin. Float to new shores of relaxation! All soft-pack treatments at Thermal world Hotel Pulverer last for 20 minutes and cost, if not stated otherwise € 38,00.


The Cleopatra pack is the secret of beauty for a silky skin, for which the Egyptian queen was famous. With the Cleopatra-bath a mixture of different oils is used for the 5 penetration zones of your skin, to reach selectively different layer-depths of your skin and balance your PH-value.

Price: approx. 20 min € 39,00

Evening primrose cream pack

The evening primrose cream pack is providing much needed oil for your skin. It is cell activating, stimulating and moisturising. Recommended for dry and sensitive skin.

Price: approx. 20 min € 39,00

Hay flower pack

Is a type of thermal warmth treatment – the whole body will be embedded in fresh mountain hay and gently brought to sweat. During this treatment you feel your muscles relax, your immune-system is strengthened and your body is purged.

Price: approx. 20 min € 39,00

Aroma pack "Magic Scent"

The Aroma pack reactivates all your senses. The scents and active substances of fine essential oils are assimilated through the skin and sense of smell and have a stimulating, regenerating, encouraging, refreshing effect - it is simply pleasant. Select your own fragrance and salutary scents.

Price: approx. 20 min € 39,00

Mud pack

The mud pack is mainly applied to joints- for muscle problems, skin care; ph-value regulating with an additional soft peeling-effect. The ideal treatment before a massage.

Price: approx. 20 min € 39,00 | partial body € 30,00


This salt-mud-pack is a saline fango. Saline sludge treatments are applied for psoriasis and chronical synovitis. The high salt content has a dehydrating and desinfecting effect.

Price: approx. 20 min € 39,00 | partial body € 30,00


The outgoind and draining characteristics of algae as well as the purifying effect of the healing earth ensure a profound cleansing and detoxifying result.

Price: approx. 20 min € 39,00


Powderised volcanic stone is applied to the affected areas to treat rheumatic and vegetative disorders. The pack has pain-relieving properties and also stimulates circulation.

Price: approx. 20 min € 39,00

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