Sport and active holidays at the lake paradise Carinthia

You Couldn’t Ask for a Better Place to Swim

Pure swimming fun! Carinthia has 200 crystal-clear lakes – most of them have water so clean you can drink it! The sun shines almost every day in Austria’s most southern province. Lake Millstatt, Brennsee, Weissensee, Lake Ossiach and many additional lakes are located near the Hotel Pulverer.

A jetty reaches out over the shimmering teal blue water. Brightly-coloured umbrellas light up the beach. Kids play in the shallow water. If it weren’t for the majestic Austrian Alps towering in the background, you could easily think you were at a tropical beach. But Carinthia’s lakes have something special that you won’t find in any tropical sea.

Carinthia: a Sea of Lakes!

Carinthia’s lakes offer:

  • Crystal-clear, clean water
  • Water temperature of up to 28°C
  • Excellent conditions for water sports
  • Great wind conditions for windsurfing
  • Plenty of places to swim

Combine your hiking or cycling holiday at the Hotel Pulverer in Carinthia with a trip to the lake. Enjoy a cool, refreshing dip after a day of sport!

Swimming at the Lakes and the Hotel Spa

Swimming is the perfect sport to train your heart and circulatory system, to lose weight or to relieve stress. You’ll have plenty of opportunities for swimming on your holiday at the Hotel Pulverer: Swim in our indoor and outdoor swimming pools in the hotel spa or in one of Carinthia’s 200 lakes in the area surrounding the Hotel Pulverer.

Swimming is one kind of sport that keeps you healthy without causing the body much stress. All muscles are worked during a swim and it is an easy sport to pick up no matter what your age.

Swimming is Very Healthy at the Hotel Pulverer

Swimming is one of the healthiest sports. But it is even healthier in the thermal spring water at the Pulverer Spa. This fresh spring water holds revitalising powers.

Swimming at Carinthia’s Many Lakes

Enjoy the freedom and beautiful views under a clear blue sky – swimming at one of Carinthia’s lakes is pure fun. Swim some laps in the crystal-clear water or paddle clear across the lake.

Avid and hobby swimmers who don’t want to give up swimming on their holiday will love their stay at the Hotel Pulverer. Send us your non-binding enquiry today and start looking forward to taking a dip in the hotel spa and Carinthia’s beautiful lakes!

Windsurfing Holidays in Carinthia

The Brennsee windsurfing area near the Hotel Pulverer has the perfect conditions for beginner and advanced windsurfers. There are perfect, wind-protected practice bays as well as great wind conditions for gliding and powerjibes, with trained and certified windsurfing instructors who offer great lessons for every level of ability.

Brennsee, located near the Hotel Pulverer, is a true windsurfing paradise with plenty of wind. Take on swift manoeuvres thanks to the constant breeze.

Learn to Windsurf

The Kreiner Sports School offers windsurfing lessons for every level of ability including equipment: beginners lessons, workshops, exciting races and international certification courses. You’ll find perfect surf conditions in Bad Kleinkirchheim!

The best part? You’ve already found the perfect accommodation in this surfing paradise: the Hotel Pulverer with its health spa and health centre. Book your room in Bad Kleinkirchheim today!

Hoist the Sails and Head to Carinthia

The mahogany boats sparkle in the sunlight, the white sails flap in the wind and the majestic Austrian Alps tower in the background. Those who have been on the deck of a sailboat on one of Carinthia’s lakes can testify that Carinthia is a wonderful place for sailing.

In addition to the beautiful scenery and the lovely water temperature, the climate, thanks to Carinthia’s southern location on the main crest of the Austrian Alps, provides plenty of sun that makes Carinthia the perfect place for sailing.

Sailing on Brennsee

Learn to sail with an experienced certified sailing instructor on windy Brennsee. Whether you’d like to take a trial lesson, family-sailing course, group lesson or kids course – there are plenty of opportunities to go sailing in Carinthia!

There Really is Only One Carinthia