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Sports physio check


Sports physio check with initial treatment

At our establishment, sports physiotherapy forms an area of its own. We offer professional rehabilitation and training following a variety of injuries, operations or after longer breaks in training. After a comprehensive initial discussion and an integrated anamnesis by our experienced sports physiotherapist, an individual treatment or training plan is prepared and discussed with you.
Our treatment concept in sports physiotherapy consists of two major areas:

  • Prevention, involving the avoidance of injuries and the occurrence of overstressing due to overtraining
  • Rehabilitation, which serves to restore normal sporting performance following injuries or phases of reduced performance

Price: approx. 50 min € 65,00

Golf physiotherapy

Our sports physiotherapist specialising in golf is available for golf guests. He will analyse your problems and prepare an individual therapy plan. Training takes place as needed outdoors on the golf course (driving range). Golf physiotherapy is differentiated by its specific, preventive and above all practice-oriented nature. The treatments take place in cooperation with our resident golf professional so that we can achieve the best effect for you.

Target groups are:

  • Golfers who have suffered injuries due to poor technique, over-motivation, incorrect or insufficient build-up training, or who wish to avoid these
  • Golfers who want to play again following a variety of operations, illnesses and injuries

Price: approx. 50 min € 70,00 | approx. 25 min € 40,00

Medical Training Therapy (MTT)

MTT is an equipment-aided training therapy and an important element in rehabilitation following a variety of operations and/or joint diseases. Depending on the problem, strength, stamina and also coordination and stability can be trained on a fully focused and individual basis.

Price: approx. 50 min € 65,00

The S3 Check with coordination training

The S3 Check Body Stability Test is a new computer-aided diagnosis system for the early diagnosis of possible motor and stability deficits. It offers the opportunity of precisely assessing firstly body stability, sensorimotor regulatory capacity and functional asymmetries. In addition, the S3 Check serves as an objective measuring instrument for controlling the training and therapy process.
This leads to:

  • Greater everyday safety when mastering unforeseen situations and as a prevention against falling
  • A higher degree of economy of movement
  • Increased physical capacity

Price: approx. 50 min € 55,00

Kinesio Taping Therapy

Kinesio Taping is probably amongst the most revolutionary treatment methods of modern times and is used to improve muscle function (muscle tension, imbalances), provide support for the functions of the joints, pain reduction as well as activation of the lymphatic system. Kinesio Taping has an exceptionally wide range of applications. When combined with physiotherapy, Kinesio Taping is suitable for almost all symptoms, works to complement existing treatment techniques and thus enables new therapeutic approaches. Further information is available from our accredited therapists.

Price: depends on treatment

Personal Training

After a comprehensive health and fitness check we will put together a fitness plan customised to your needs. Personal training is the most individual and most specialised form of training and fitness programme, which takes account of all your needs and characteristics.

Price: approx. 50 min € 60,00

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