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Spring in Bad Kleinkirchheim

Mountain Spring

When the “Guggahontschn” is in bloom, you know that spring has arrived in Bad Kleinkirchheim. The “Guggahontschn”, the Enzian or Genitana acaulis, grows on the slopes of the Nock Mountains and heralds the arrival of spring. And we know what the end of May means: Lace up your hiking boots and hike to the top!

Spring makes its appearance in Bad Kleinkirchheim a bit later than in other places. Once in full swing, the spring wraps Bad Kleinkirchheim in its colourful spring blanket. Everything is in bloom and a cheerful glow envelops the valley.

What Holidays in Carinthia in March, April or May Are Like

Quietly and carefully spring returns to Bad Kleinkirchheim. There is a comfortable silence here, although the change of seasons is palpable. Something is in the air - a unique scent that graces the crystal-clear mountain air as the Speick begins to bloom on the slopes of the Nock Mountains. This flower is proof of the one-of-a-kind nature that exists in the Nock Mountains and around the Hotel Pulverer. Because it’s only here that the Speick grows wild, helping visitors combat post-winter fatigue in the spring with its stimulating and health-promoting effects.

Springtime in the Mountains of Bad Kleinkirchheim and at the Hotel Pulverer

Are you interested in learning what activities and experiences you can expect at the Hotel Pulverer throughout spring and the rest of the year? Then try our Pulverer-Holiday Search and find out what appeals to you on your next holiday!

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