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The Power of the Austrian Alps

Natural Beauty and Health from the Mountain Peaks and Cliffs

The Nock Mountains are home to more than a few herbs and plants which promote natural health and beauty. The most famous of these plants is the Speick. This plant grows on the slopes of the southern Austrian Alps and helps boost your health and vigour. At the Hotel Pulverer, you’ll find all these health- and beauty-promoting powers in their most wonderful form.

Calming wood, healing herbs, healthy products from the region – whether in the hotel restaurant, spa or your guest room, you will taste, feel and experience the healing power of nature at the Hotel Pulverer.

Swiss Pine in the Hotel Pulverer

Studies conducted by the Graz Research Institute show that while staying in a room decorated with Swiss Pine a person’s heart rate lowers considerably. Thanks to a lowered pulse, you will sleep deeper and more restfully in a Swiss Pine hotel room at the Hotel Pulverer

Swiss Pine in the Hotel Pulverer:

Regional Food and Products

Along with sport and sunlight, nutrition has a big influence on our health and well-being. At the Hotel Pulverer, you will enjoy locally-grown products as well as produce from the hotel’s own farm. You couldn’t ask for healthier, fresher and more vitamin-rich food:

Find out about additional regional products and specialties the Pulverer Family has chosen especially for their guests.

Beauty from the Mountain Pastures

Alpine flowers, hay baths, hay body wraps and many other products and spa treatments at the Hotel Pulverer make great use of nature’s beauty-enhancing powers.

Your perfect holiday at the 5-star Hotel Pulverer is just a click away!

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