Pulverer Thermal water

Bad Kleinkirchheim thermal spring: healing and revitalizing effects

The effect of Thermal water in Bad Kleinkirchheim was scientifically proven may times. The healing water has not only an impact on our organism but also already existing diseases can be healed. Immerse in to a world of healing Thermal water.

The Thermal World Hotel Pulverer distinguishes itself through a fantastic unique amenity. Along with the impressive spa facilities, our Carinthian hotel shines with the unique benefit of owning its own source of thermal water in form of a spring. Sprung from the source at the St. Kathrein Church, it is used in all wellness and spa facilities at Hotel Pulverer and gives your thermal spa holiday a premium quality.

Clean, clear water is an extraordinary gift from nature of immeasurable value. It is the source of all life and ensures the existence of humans, animals and plants. The thermal water in its natural form not only feels good, but it is also healthy. The ancient Romans already recognized the healing power of thermal water and used it to treat aches and pains.

Since 1492 the St. Kathrein Church has adorned Bad Kleinkirchheim: It was built in order to protect the healing spring and was dedicated to Katharina, “the purifying”. Nowadays the water of this spring runs through the thermal bath at the Pulverer Hotel and makes this thermal world so unique.

All of the thermal pools at our hotel (indoor pool 8x16m with 32°C, outdoor pool 8x12m with 27°C, indoor and outdoor jacuzzis and grottos) are provided with 3 liter/second of fresh thermal water. This makes 250,000 liters of curative water per day, a gift of nature and pure luxury. All of our bath treatments at the hotel are carried out with the healing water.

Water analysis:

Large water analysis of the thermal spring “1/74” Bad Kleinkirchheim by the Public State institution for experimental-pharmacological and balneological research in Vienna.

Chemical analysis: in 1 litre water of spring water “1/74” contain the following in a dissolved state:

Kationen Milligramm (mg) Millival (mval) Millival-% (mval-%)
Natrium 5,1 0,2218 6,28
Kalium 1,65 0,0422 1,20
Magnesium 15,96 1,230 34,84
Calcium 40,68 2,030 57,51
Eisen 0,053 0,0019 0,05
Kupfer 0,0114 0,00036 0,01
Zink 0,0165 0,00050 0,01
Blei 0,00415 0,00004 0,00
Cadmium 0,00011 0,0000 0,00
Quecksilber 0,0000016 0,0000 0,00
Aluminium 0,032 0,00356 0,10
Summe Kationen: 62,5 3,530 100%

Anionen Milligramm (mg) Millival (mval) Millival-% (mval-%)
Fluorid 0,60 0,0316 0,90
Chlorid 4,10 0,1156 3,29
Jodid 0,06 0,00047 0,01
Nitrat 0,62 0,0100 0,29
Nitrit 0,18 0,0039 0,11
Sulfat 52,95 1,1024 31,37
Hydrogenphosphat 0,012 0,00025 0,01
Hydrogenarsenat 0,0052 0,00007 0,00
Hydrogencarbonat 137,3 2,250 64,02
Summe Anionen: 195,8 3,514 100%

Effects of the thermal water

The spring of Bad Kleinkirchheim is an Akrato thermal spring: a clean spring low in minerals with a maximum of 1g dissolved minerals per liter. The following benefits were found when using the thermal water of Bad Kleinkirchheim:

  • Anti-aging effect
  • Strengthening of cardiovascular system
  • Strengthening the immune system against infectious diseases
  • Strengthening of the soft tissue and arteries
  • Rheumatic conditions are soothed
  • Degenerative nervous illnesses and inflammations of the nervous system are soothed
  • Prevents cardiovascular diseases
  • Mobilizing effect after operations and infectious diseases
  • Better quality of sleep, reduces stress, preventative against cases of burnout and exhaustion
  • Best beauty preparation

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