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Wellness hiking

Wellness hiking in Carinthia’s Nock Mountains

In the Carinthian holiday region the spikenard (Valeriana Celthica ssp. Norica), an almost forgotten medical plant, which only grows in the Nock Mountains National Park, is these days celebrating a revival.

Step by step you can hike on botanical paths to your very own summit adventures in the Nock Mountains National Park in Austria. The nearly forgotten culture of spikenard has been translated into a new and exciting form of wellness hiking.

The spikenard is a protected plant nowadays and therefore cannot be picked. On selected hiking routes surrounding Bad Kleinkirchheim you will smell the wonderful scent of the spikenard and be able to enjoy foot baths with spikenard oil at romantic alpine chalets. An alpine wellness experience for all the senses.

For your very own wellness-hiking memories send a no-obligation request to the Hotel Pulverer – The hotel team will send an individual wellness-hiking-holiday package via email in return

Thermal springs and mountain lakes

Hiking from the mountains to the thermal spas

In Bad Kleinkirchheim one of the most beautiful alpine wellbeing oasis within Europe has been created. Take a dip into a thermal wellness oasis of a special kind. The Hotel Pulverer owns – one of the most beautiful wellness thermal springs in the Alps which opens up new relaxing perspectives.

Here you will discover what it means to enjoy and to relax to the fullest. Let your eyes rest on the beautiful summits of the Nock Mountains. Tender loving care for your soul; harmony for body and spirit.

Go for pleasure walks which are eventful and full of panoramic views. You will have close contact with thermal springs that feed the spas ad mountain lakes – also called the eyes of God -, alpine brooks and ancient rural life history in the middle of an impressively varied countryside.

“Kneipp” and Mill hiking path

Starting point / destination: Türkhaus in Kaning (1,000 m), Radenthein
Duration: ca. 1 hour / ca. 640m altitude gain / level: easy, suitable for families

Passing herb and flower gardens, the Mini mill and the Neuwirth mill (demonstration mill) you will reach the bakery, leaving various mills behind reaching the Veidl Mill until you see the Rock shower. Next to the Bear cliff (climbing wall) you will be able to reach the Pelzjäger chalet and the Adam mill. On the other side of the river you find your way back to the starting point. If you choose the path continuing from the Adam mill into the Langalm valley, you will reach the Aicholzer chalet within 30 minutes for refreshments. Austrian tea snacks, dairy and cheese products taste even better after hiking.

History: 22 mills were located at the Rossbachgraben and 6 of those still run today.

Special features: Kneipp basin and places of energy, fountains, Neuwirt – double mill (once a week: bread making course)

Sensory Hikes

Discover the Natural Sources of Energy in Bad Kleinkirchheim and the Nock Mountains

Bad Kleinkirchheim and the Nock Mountains are home to very special natural energy. The Speick, a plant belonging to the valerian family, is the perfect example: this alpine plant grows only on the sunny slopes of the Nock Mountains. The healing spring water that bubbles up in the mountains is another great example. Learn more about this special place with all five senses.

Our "therapeutic surroundings hike“ and "water sensory hike" take hikers along two unique hiking trails. Wander through this exciting natural exhibition and take the time to think, feel and play.

It’s not only muscles that get a workout on a hike: let your eyes wander, let your mind play and let your soul feel.

Make room for new experiences:

  1. Go barefoot in the moss
  2. Meditate in the grass
  3. Reflect at wondrous churches

Recharge Your Batteries in these Therapeutic Surroundings

Hike along marked trails on this alpine wellness hike and discover specially-chosen places with unique quality and harmony. These stops feature pictures and text telling stories about the present and future, knowledge and ideas.

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