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At the Pulverer, we aim to put sustainability at the heart of our business. Our cooperation with local and regional partners along with the hotel’s own farm are some of the features that make Hotel Pulverer so special.

Hotel Pulverer is a typical family business which is meanwhile successfully managed by the third generation of its founding family.

Long-standing employees - 75% regular staff members appreciate the good and pleasant working atmosphere in our house.    


Hotel Pulverer history

It all began
in 1470 …

To start with: If you wish to learn more about Hotel Pulverer‘s history, we recommend you reserve a table in the toque-awarded Loystubn restaurant, where the impressive traces of the past create a truly unforgettable atmosphere.

Upon entering the Loystubn, you’ ll be immediately captured by its welcoming ambience. Everything feels familiar, even though it might be the first time you’ve visited these beautiful old parlors. The Loystubn in Bad Kleinkirchheim has rightfully been synonymous with authentic hospitality for centuries, and it is also here where the roots of the Thermenhotel Pulverer lie. Here, some of the parlors still look exactly as they did in 1928, when the "Loy-Hof" became a place where people could stop for a snack. Manager Siegrun Pulverer loves talking about the history of the hotel, for which she assumed responsibility for with her husband, August, in 2005.

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the hotel's history

Landlady Siegrun remembers ...

  • The first documentary reference dates from 1470

    "The name Loy-Hof first appears in a document from 1470. After the subjugation of the farmers was abolished in 1848, the Loy-Hof became a free farm. In 1848 Jakob Pulverer, my great-grandfather, inherited the estate, and in 1926 my grandparents Josef and Maria Pulverer took over the farm."

  • In 1928, the Loy-Hof became a place where people could stop for a snack

    "My grandmother Maria was a very special woman and way ahead of her time. Renowned and particularly popular. No ball in Carinthia was opened without her. She was one of the first female hunters in Austria, went fishing, was an excellent cook and mother of six children. She enabled each of her children to go to university, which was very unusual at the time.

    Today, we would say she was a force of nature. And so it is no surprise that she opened a snack bar together with my grandfather at the Loy-Hof in 1928, even though they were already running a sawmill with 150 lumberjacks. Since my grandmother was an excellent cook and a warm and sociable hostess, the small snack station soon became an inn. The dining parlors of today's Loystubn still look the same as they did back then. However, they have been carefully restored by my family over the years."

  • Founding of the five-star Hotel Pulverer

    "The foundation stone for today's hotel was laid in 1930. My grandparents welcomed their first guests and set up a few rooms for summer visitors above the Loystubn.

    Our family played a leading role in developing the health and spa facilities in the village at a time when it started to become a popular spa resort around 1950. In the years that followed, the family business underwent several renovations and modernizations. The foundation for the hotel's private wellness offers were laid partly due to the purchase of the local thermal swimming pool. In addition to this, the unique natural resources of the Nockberge mountains provided ideal conditions for the growing number of people visiting in the colder season, giving winter tourism a veritable boost. In the 1960s and 1970s, Bad Kleinkirchheim established its reputation as a Ski World Cup resort."

  • Annemarie Pulverer - a force of nature

    "Together with my mother Annemarie, my father Reinhard took over the family business in 1954. Six years later, they started building the hotel with new additions every year. I remember when I was a child, there was always a building site somewhere, and even today we are still constantly modernizing. 

    My parents were very open-minded and took on an incredible amount of work. I remember that they didn't have their own living room. Their living room was the hotel. At the same time, they managed to travel the world, drawing fresh inspiration for new ideas back home. And they enjoyed doing a lot of sports. At over 80, my mother is still an enthusiastic golfer."

  • Reinhard Pulverer - the pioneer

    "My father was a very special person. He held many offices and positions, was a member of the mountain railroads’ supervisory board, a founding member of the five-star commission, deputy mayor and much more. But he never attached importance to awards or titles. For me, he was simply the best father you could wish for, never saying a bad word and always being a warm host. He was an extraordinary man who knew how to convey peace and harmony, and in whose presence you simply felt at ease. 

    A lot of people came to our hotel office - people who were strangers to me back then - but he always took time to talk to them. It was also my father who raised the money for the first T-bar lift in Bad Kleinkirchheim. He had traveled to Vienna by train, where the banks didn't take him seriously at first, as Bad Kleinkirchheim wasn't even on the map back then. But my father was an idealist. And he achieved more than many people could have dreamed of."

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