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Sauna world
 at Hotel Pulverer

As a guest of the Pulverer you can be certain you’re in good hands and warm surroundings. Ten exclusive saunas and steam baths await you, including a Finnish dry heat sauna, pine stone sauna, herbal sauna, rock crystal tepidarium and outdoor sauna. Sauna addicts will be delighted by the range of choices.

No one in the world is happier than the Finns. According to the World Happiness Report, this may also have something to do with their sauna culture. If you believe the Finns, the sauna is the most beautiful place in the world anyway, and women are more beautiful after a sauna session than before. The latter is not merely an opinion, but has actually been proven. A sauna session is a real beauty program with health-promoting effects.

Why saunas make you beautiful and healthy

During a sauna session, the bodys internal temperature rises by around one degree. Similar to a slight fever, defense cells are sent out, strengthening the immune system. Mucous membranes are better supplied with blood, the bronchial tubes breathe more freely and the subsequent cooldown gets the circulation going.

Tip: When you leave our 90 °C Troadkast'n outdoor sauna, why not spend some time in hotel garden, breathe in the fresh air or rub yourself down with snow in winter

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Saunas & steam baths

  • Troadkast'n sauna (90°C)
    Rustic grain box hot air bath. Strengthens the immune system and circulation.
  • Finnish stone pine sauna (80°C)
    The stone pine invigorates the lungs and relaxes the mind.
  • Tibetan salt stone tepidarium (35-38°C)
    The tepidarium is gentle on the airways.
  • Sea salt steam bath (40-45°C)
    Cleanses the skin and airways and feels like a day at the seaside.
  • Infrared cabins
    Healthy deep heat gently relieves persistent tension and stress.
  • Herbal and aroma grottos (45°C)
    Cleanses the skin and respiratory tract and boosts your well-being.
  • Mountain crystal tepidarium (35-38°C)
    The dry room climate and moderate temperature regenerate your immune system. The rock crystal recharges your reserves with its energy.
  • Herbal sauna (60°C)
    Hot air bath without infusions. Herbs from the Nockberge mountains boost your circulation and immune system.

Short sauna guide

  • What you need for a sauna session
    • Bath slippers
    • Bathrobe
    • 2 - 3 towels
  • What sauna newbies should bear in mind
    • Preparation: Shower and dry off before each sauna session.
    • Start your first sauna session in the lowest temperature sauna.
    • For reasons of hygiene, always place a large towel where you’ll be seated so that your body does not come into contact with the wood (except in the steam baths).

    Important: Use the lowest temperature sauna to find out whether you tolerate the heat. Your first sauna session should last no longer than five to seven minutes.

    • Even for hardcore addicts, we recommend no more than three to four sauna sessions a day.
    • After the sauna: rinse off with cold water, and rest covered in your bathrobe.
    • Temperature too high? Try the tepidarium, steam baths or infrared cabins as an alternative.
  • Liquids

    Sweating in a sauna causes your body to lose fluids. Therefore, you shouldn't forget to drink enough! Teas and water are a good choice.

  • Cold water pool

    When you first visit the sauna, it is sufficient to rinse off with a cold shower after each session. Experienced sauna-goers can safely jump into the cold plunge pool. The water induces a kind of vascular gymnastics; while the sauna heat first dilates the blood vessels, immersion in cold water causes them to tighten, promoting blood circulation and increasing resiliance.

  • Infusion

    First-timers should start gently and observe the infusion ritual from outside the sauna. It’s advisable to adapt to the temperatures in the different saunas gradually. For regular sauna goers, however, the infusion is the highlight of each visit!

  • Who should better avoid the sauna?

    We do not recommend sauna bathing for guests with cardiovascular conditions, high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, open wounds or skin disorders. Avoid going into the sauna if you have a cold or don't feel well in general.

  • Useful tips for first-timers and pros

    Sauna and thermal spa
    The perfect combination! Even hardcore addicts will benefit from one or two sauna sessions combined with a plunge into thermal waters afterwards. Note: after the sauna you should cool down for a while before soaking in the thermal water.

    Sauna and massage
    What comes first? We recommend you use the sauna beforehand, as it will warm up your muscles and promote circulation, making the massage more effective.

    Healthy sweating in Hotel Pulvere’s sauna world! Just contact our wellness experts on the spot for any queries or send them with your non-binding holiday inquiry!

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