Hypoallergenic Hotel Rooms

A Hypoallergenic Holiday

Allergy sufferers can breathe easy at the Hotel Pulverer. Our 5-star hotel in Bad Kleinkirchheim is situated at an altitude of 1,100m in a nearly pollen-free location and boasts special hypoallergenic hotel rooms.

No red eyes, no itching, no sniffles – take this opportunity to breathe deep! The fresh, clear mountain air in the Nock Mountains is wonderful for guests with allergies. Allergy sufferers will enjoy fine hardwood floors and the wonderful atmosphere of our tower suite and hypoallergenic guest rooms. Take a look at the hypoallergenic hotel rooms at the Hotel Pulverer.

Allergen-free foods

Our focus at the Hotel Pulverer is to make sure each and every guest is well taken care of. It comes as no surprise that we pay special attention to our guests' wishes, including their dietary requirements. Just let us know about your special requests and allergies when you book your room and we will ensure you get the personalised, healthy food you need. Whether you require lactose-free food, gluten-free food or follow a special diet – you’ll get exactly what you need during your stay at the Hotel Pulverer.

Book your hypoallergenic guest room at the Hotel Pulverer and look forward to waking up after a good night’s sleep, opening the windows, and taking a deep breath of fresh mountain air!