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Your individual massage programme at spa Hotel Pulverer in Bad

Be spoilt at the 5* Hotel in Bad Kleinkirchheim in Austria

At the Thermal World of the 5-star Hotel Pulverer in Bad Kleinkirchheim in lovely Carinthia in Austria you have numerous massages to choose from. The offering spans from classic massages through to centuries old traditions from the Far East.

Classical full body-massage with aroma-oil

Feel how your muscular tensions are relieved. The classic massage deepens your breathing, harmonises your wellbeing and helps you in reaching physical and spiritual balance.

Price: approx. 50 min € 56,00

Relaxing partial body massage

Price: approx. 25 min € 35,00

Draining lymphdrainage

Price: approx. 25 min € 35,00 | approx. 50 min € 59,00

Activating sports massage

Price: approx. 25 min € 35,00 | approx. 50 min € 59,00

Tautening anticellulite massage

A gentle massage to drain the lymphatic system and to disperse lymphatic congestions.

Price: approx. 50 min € 56,00

Stimulating foot refloxogy massage

The foot reflects our whole body… a complimentary therapy which works on the feet to help heal the body holistically.

Price: approx. 25 min € 35,00

Float and flow Pulverer style

For stressed persons – recommended for shoulder, head and neck problems

Your nervous system and muscles will be harmonized and balanced by rhythmic pressured moves as well as soft float and flow moves. You will gain regeneration, inner balance and relaxation

Price: approx. 25 min € 37,00

Head massage

Increases the blood circulation of your scalp – relieves stress and negative thoughts, relaxes, and you will feel energized afterwards.

Price: approx. 25 min € 35,00

AYURVEDA comes from India and means “knowledge of life“

The aim of Ayurveda is to correct any existing imbalance of life energy. It is based on the five big elements: ether/space (Akasha), air (Vayu), fire (Tejas), water (Jala) and earth (Prthivi). Making out of these 5 elements particular pairs, you get 3 types of life energy: VATA, PITTA and KAPHA, that, in Ayurveda, are called Dosha’s. These Dosha’s appear however in combination, though one is predominant.

Abhyanga - Full body massage

ABHYANGA is a soft rubbing of oil into the whole body, including head and face with warmed up, pure vegetable oils, adjusted to the particular Dosha-type. The massage is carried out by hand and provides a complete relaxation of body, mind and soul. The massage has a sedating, rejuvenating, vitalizing and purifying effect and stimulates skin, muscles and the nervous system. It is ideal for persons with a lot of stress in their life, with sleep disorders, restlessness, lack of energy and who tend to have dry or any problematic skin

Price: approx. 90 min € 129,00

…accordingly recommended SVEDAKARMA – sweat therapy

An Abhyanga should be followed by a sweat therapy to stimulate your circulation, though your body may wash out waste products as sweat.
This process leads to an external cleaning of the whole body, which can be supported by warm tea

Shiroabhyanga – Head massage

SHIROABHYANGA is a gentle head contact with warmed, harmonizing oil, that leads to an increasing circulation of your skin of head and to an absolute recreation of your whole body. Who suffers from headache, migraine, insomnia or restlessness or who just wants to throw off emotional and mental burdens, discovers now his peace of mind.

Price: approx. 20 min € 35,00

Mukabhyanga – Face massage

MUKABHYANGA is a gentle stimulation of energy points and a simultaneous relaxation of your facial muscles. By sensitive stroking, your face has better circulation and your skin becomes rosier, tightened and younger looking.

Price: approx. 20 min € 35,00

Shirodhara - Warm oil flow on the fore head

“Feel like heaven!”
The stimulation of the third eye. A stream of warm oil is poured very slowly onto the centre of the forehead (the location of the 'third eye'). The effect is indescribable. You will lose tension, stress, inner turmoil and nervousness.

Price: approx. 30 min € 60,00


A gentle whole-body massage using silk gloves, specially designed to stimulate the lymphatic system and the circulation. Highly effective as an anti-cellulite treatment.

Price: approx. 45 min € 75,00

Exotic Treatments and Massages

Acupuncture-Massage (Japan)

Energetic treatment – traditional Chinese Medicine TCM
Similar to traditional acupuncture. Meridians and meridian points (Acupoints) are stimulated and vivified. Energy is brought into flow.

Price: approx. 25 min € 37,00

Dorn-Breuss-Massage (Germany)

A gentle back massage combined with the mobilisation of the joints and rearranging of the spine. Psychological and physical tensions are solved and the regeneration for Ischia Lumbago can be induced.

Price: approx. 50 min € 65,00

La Stone Massage (Hawaii / Pazifik)

Empire of senses 
In order to bring your body and your mind in balance the hot stones are placed on your energy centres. With hot and oily stones the therapist massages your body in pleasant movements. Between the hot stones cold stones are placed in order to stimulate your blood circulation. A wonderful feeling with tingly relaxation is spread throughout your whole body and your mind becomes peaceful …

Price: approx. 50 min € 65,00

Ear candle treatment (North- and Central-America)

Turning off, relaxing, letting go …
Based on traditional Indian medicine, used to clear and harmonize various energy centers. The application of warm ear candles improves blood circulation and clears the head region and the ears giving a relaxing effect. Recommend to counteract insomnia, migraine and sinusitis

Price: approx. 20 min € 35,00

Reiki (Japan)

Reiki is an energetic therapy that serves to restore the balance between body, mind and soul (emotions). During the treatment you can let go of “straining” issues and indulge in the Reiki flow of energy.

Price: approx. 25 min € 37,00 | approx. 50 min € 65,00

Soap lather massage

Sniffling the Middle East

You start with an extensive shower – on your wet skin you produce a lot of foam. With a fine brush the meridians are “brushed out”, through this you receive energy and drive for every day life.

Price: approx. 20 min € 45,00

Middle Eastern touched

The lather massage is followed by a relaxing cream-body pack on the soft pack couch – a weightless floating …

Price: approx. 50 min € 75,00

Soak up the Middle East

You start with a full body peeling and a shower and afterwards there is a special honey-lemon-shower gel the meridians are “brushed out”.  Afterwords you are going to be spoiled with a 40 min. massage with best Alpienne-oils.

Price: approx. 70 min € 97,00

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