Swiss Pine Guest Rooms

A Healthy Night’s Sleep Thanks to Swiss Pine Wood

The oils and resins of Swiss Pine have positive, calming effects on the human body. The quality of sleep in a bed made of Swiss Pine is provably higher than in a normal bed.

Swiss Pine – it’s not without reason that this wood is called the King of the Alps. With its many positive qualities, it has captured the hearts of people for centuries. It even has an effect on your heart rate: anxious and nervous guests who enter a Swiss Pine hotel room at the Hotel Pulverer will quickly notice the calming effects on their heart. Thanks to the lowered pulse, you will sleep deeper and more restfully.

A Lower Heart Rate Means a Calmer Life

According to studies conducted by the Graz Research Institute, the heart rate of a person staying in a Swiss Pine room is considerably lowered. That means guests in the Hotel Pulverer’s Swiss Pine guest rooms get an especially healthy, restful night’s sleep.

Swiss Pine Guest Rooms at the Hotel Pulverer

In the Swiss Pine guest rooms at the Hotel Pulverer, it isn’t only the beds but the entire room that is made of Swiss Pine. From the moment you step foot into your hotel room, you will feel the calming and relaxing effects.

Swiss Pine in Carinthia’s Restaurants and Inns

Even our hotel restaurant, the Loystub’n, features dining rooms decorated with Swiss Pine. Former owners of Carinthia’s restaurants and inns also took advantage of the calming effect of Swiss Pine wood – when things got a little heated in the kitchen (or the dining room...) the calming effects of Swiss Pine ensured that everyone remained at ease and could enjoy their meal.