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There are 1,000 good reasons for an expert massage! But no matter what your personal one is: treat yourself to this special kind of well-being. Feel how cramps are released and your muscles relax. A properly dosed massage deepens your breathing, harmonizes your state of mind and helps you achieve physical and mental balance.

Select among more than 30 massage treatments here in our hotel in Carinthia or let our thermal spa's well-being experts help you choose the one your body requires right now.

Power of the Alps
and the local nature

Experience the long-lasting power of nature. The signature treatments of Hotel Pulverer are based on nature's beneficial effects. 'Herb witch' and expert Karin Schlieber mixes massage oils and herbal teas growing right at the hotel's front door exclusively for Pulverer guests.


Ayurvedic treatments aim to restore and maintain the balance of vital energies. Human life is seen as an inseparable unity of body, mind and soul. Anyone suffering from stress, lack of energy and sleep problems should treat themselves to Ayurveda treatments at Hotel Pulverer to recharge their batteries for everyday life and restore their balance.

SPA massages
Indulge in our diverse range of massages

also for our active guests

  • Hydrojet Massage

    Release minor tension with a water jet massage

    approx. 20 min € 29,00

  • Ear Candle Treatment

    Beneficial and soothing - gentle cleansing ear treatment

    approx. 25 min € 43,00

  • Hot Stone Massage

    (Heated) basalt stones are placed on the body and used in gliding motions to promote well-being

    approx. 75 min. € 125,00
    approx. 45 min. € 85,00

  • Vitalizing Brush Massage

    The entire body is massaged with brushes

    Reiki comes from the Japanese word meaning "life force energy“. It's an energetic therapy that serves to restore the balance between body, mind and soul. During the treatment you can let go of stressful thoughts and feel the Reiki energy flow.

    approx. 50 min. € 85,00

  • Sports Massage

    Ideal before and after sports activities: arnica or St. John's wort oil stimulate the muscles

    approx. 25 min. € 49,00
    approx. 50 min. € 79,00

  • NEW: PULVERER'S Golf Massage

    Classic body massage treatment involving a golf ball

    approx. 25 min. € 51,00
    approx. 50 min. € 83,00

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