Hotel with Sauna in Carinthia

Warmth in Bad Kleinkirchheim

Hot saunas followed by cooling off in fresh, bubbling thermal water: With this combination, enhanced with various supplements, a sauna will not only strengthen your immune system, but also brings about other healing effects.

Sauna and steam baths in the Thermal World at Hotel Pulverer

In the spa facilities at Hotel Pulverer, you will find a great variety of saunas and more to choose from:

  • The Troadkast’n Sauna (90 °C)
    Is a rusty hot air bath, which strengthens your immune system.
  • Finish Swiss Pine Sauna (85 °C)
    The immune system will be strengthened and your blood circulation will be stimulated.
  • Tibetan Salt Rock Tepidarium (35-38 °C)
    Because of the temperature and of the salt rock this sauna has an especially good effect on your airways.
  • Sea Salt Steam Bath (40-45 °C) with Tibetan salt stone tepidarium (35-38°C)
    Perfect for skin and cleanses the airways.
  • Infrared Saunas
    The combination of low temperature, infrared and lava sand technology creates a healthy deep warmth without stressing the heart or the blood circulation.
  • Herbal and Aroma Grottos (45 °C)
    Aromatic essences and the mild humidity will cleanse the skin and airways.
  • Rock-Crystal-Tepidarium (35-38 °C)
    The Rock Crystal Tepidarium offers a meditation rock and is therefore perfect for meditations.
  • Herbal Sauna (60 °C)
    A health-enhancing and relaxing hot air bath that stimulates the blood circulation and enhances the immune system.

Follow a warm sauna session with period of cooling off in one of the pools or with a cold shower. Then you can enjoy a period of rest in the relaxation area and at the Vitality Bar.

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